West Yorkshire Queer Stories
Yorkshire MESMAC is developing this LGBTQ+ social history project with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and in partnership with Leeds Museums and Galleries and West Yorkshire Archive Service.

From 2018 WY Queer Stories will involve volunteers in collecting, celebrating and preserving this vibrant heritage for future generations.

LGBTQ+ heritage is held in personal memories and stories, ordinary objects like badges and T shirts, artistic and cultural materials like art, fashion, literature, photographs, films and performance: all of these are connected to specific locations in West Yorkshire. This social history is relevant to a range of audiences; LGBTQ+ people, their families and friends and many others who are interested in counter culture and the struggle for equality.

Help us learn more by filling in this survey and get in touch if you want to keep up to date by joining our mailing list: contact Jude Woods j.woods@mesmac.co.uk or call 07736 151895

(LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning plus other identities)
Have you ever looked at West Yorkshire Queer Stories LGBTQ+ social history materials online or been to a Queer Stories event?

If you answered yes, can you tell us more about these websites or events?

Have you ever visited other LGBTQ+ social history websites or been to any events?

If you answered yes, can you tell us more about these websites or events?

If you have already been involved in Queer Stories can you tell us about how you found out about the project?

Are you already on the mailing list?
(Contact Jude Woods if you would like to be added: j.woods@mesmac.co.uk 07736 151895)

Tell us more about your views, does LGBTQ+ heritage matter to you?

Can you tell us more about what LGBTQ+ heritage means to you?

Do you think LGBTQ+ heritage is important for our society?

Tell us more about the importance of LGBTQ+ heritage?

How do you find out about LGBTQ+ heritage?

Are you interested in learning more about LGBTQ+ heritage?

Do you visit museums, galleries, heritage websites or participate in heritage activities which are not to do with LGBTQ+ people?

If you answered yes can you tell us more about the museums, galleries, heritage websites or activities you enjoy?

Are there any barriers which stop you from joining in LGBTQ+ heritage activities?

Tell us more about the barriers you face?

Please tell us more about yourself by answering these next questions. 

This is so that we can learn more about the people who are interested in our project and to find out if we are leaving anyone out.

How old are you?

This question is about your gender identity. Do you identify as:

Do you identify as intersex?

Intersex is used as an umbrella term which covers a number of different variations in a person’s bodily characteristics that do not match strict medical definitions of male or female.

This question is about your sexual orientation. Do you identify as:

What is your ethnic group?

What is your religion/belief?

Are you a disabled person?

Please add any other comments here, thanks for completing our survey.

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