‘Gay Old Time’ Survey
This new project to tackle social isolation amongst older LGBT*Q people is getting started and it would be helpful if you could tell us more about what you want.
What do you want to do?
What kinds of activities are you interested in?


These are some of the ideas for regular groups or types of activities; please tick to show your interest.

A support group: This would be a chance to give and get support from other older LGBT*Q people, it may be about coping with the challenges life presents and personal growth.

A discussion group:
This would be a chance to participate in discussion sessions on a range of topics which could include things like politics, philosophy and other subjects of interest to the participants.

Activities to do with Arts and Culture: This may be practical activities like creative writing or visual arts, but also it could be arts appreciation.

Sports activities and Games:
This may be table tennis or Yoga; it will include options suitable for older people like walking football. Games might be things like Bridge, cards, Mah Jong, Bingo.

Social History Project:
This would involve doing things like research, gathering social history testimonies, creating displays and delivering talks about local LGBT*Q social history.

Add any other comments here:


Do you want to socialise with others? Please tick to show interest

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Day and evening trips:

This may be within Leeds like going to the theatre, or travelling regionally like going to country house for the day or attending a LGBT*Q event in another city, please tick to show interest

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To be Gay or not to be Gay

Tell us your view about if you would prefer to be involved in activities which are to do with LGBT*Q culture (like going to a LGBT*Q venue or seeing a film about LGBT*Q life), please tick to show interest

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Shaping the project

The project will involve older people in developing and directing the project and there will be various ways to get more involved:

Making a newsletter: There will be a regular newsletter featuring information about the project; would you like to get involved in creating material to be included?

Steering group: Are you interested in joining the Steering group so that you can get involved in shaping the project?

Volunteering: Are you interested in getting involved as a volunteer: becoming a group facilitator, a buddy to befriend older people who may need more support to participate, finding out more about the needs of older LGBT people helping to devise and deliver training for professionals to provide better services?

Contact Jude Woods j.woods@mesmac.co.uk 0113 444 209  or 07736 151895 if you would like to participate in any of these ways.

When do you want to do it?

What days/times do you want to participate? Please tick:

Add any other comments here:

Where do you want to do it?

Do you want to come into the city centre?

Or would you prefer something in your neighbourhood?

If so what area of Leeds is this?

Do you have any suggestions of places you think would be good for us to hold events or activities?

Project Name

The name of the project is ‘Gay Old Time’, what do you think about this?

Do you have a suggestion for a different name for the project?

Please tick which of these abbreviations you prefer:

L: Lesbian
G: Gay
B: Bisexual
T: Trans
T*: Trans with asterisk indicating diversity of this category
Q: Queer and/or Questioning

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